Welcome Message

Hi, My name is Ayesha Kalim and I welcome all of you in my LIFE SKILLS PROGRAM (online course).

This course will provide you an interactive learning experience to help you guide in your life. This first module of the course is about 'PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS'. It will involve you to develop your problem solving skills, that are highly valuable for learners at your age, and in your professional life later.

I expect all of you to participate in all course activities by showing an enthusiastic participation, and evaluate your performance through the different learning activities in the form of discussions, case studies, and an application assignment.

I hope this interactive opportunity for you and me, will improve our collaborative skills to achieve best results. My contact details are added for your advantage too. Feel free to ask any relevant questions, I would feel honored to provide timely feedbacks.

Good Luck in this course!

EDLE 634 - Contemporary Issues in Education Leadership - Course taught by Dr. Mary Kealy for Loudoun Cohort 9

This course is designed to help educators incorporate writing across the content areas.  Participants will learn research-based strategies for using writing as a valuable instructional and assessment tool.  Teachers will alternate between writing groups, where they will have the opportunity to work on their own writing, and viewing presentations from the Northern Virginia Writing Project Teacher Consultants.  They will read current articles about writing as well as two books on writing process and instruction.