Contact information for this Module: Suyi Chuang (571-252-1320)

This module demonstrates the process of unpacking a mathematics standard (3.12) using information presented int eh LCPS curriculum guide and the VDOE curriculum framework document. key knowledge and skills within the standard are identified and "unpacked" and essential understanding(s) are identified. using the essential understandings as a lens to view the rest of the unpacked standard, the standard is then transformed into a learning target.

This interactive, collaborative professional development module on Learning Progressions leads participants throughout the process of developing learning steps that allow students to reach proficiency of a learning target, or advanced proficiency by demonstrating the ability to use the target understanding in another context.
Contact information for this Module: Bill Brazier (571-252-1320)

Participants will be able to:

  • Create formative and summative assessments, using the learning progression and learning targets provided by the LCPS Curriculum and Instruction Office
  • Identify which parts of a learning progression are used for formative assessments and which are used to create summative assessments.
  • Create a variety of question types based on a learning target and the advanced proficiency criteria.
  • Use a quality assessment checklist to meet common expectations.

Teachers use rubrics to assess student performance and products regularly. This module is designed to review and enhance how rubrics can be used to assess student learning and report student mastery when grading overall performance. Participants will share examples of rubrics and strategies for suing rubrics. Tools will be provided to determine the quality of rubrics as well as strategies to convert rubric scores to grades.
Quality assessment involves timely feedback embedded in the learning process. Throughout Module 6, participants will explore a variety of feedback techniques used during instruction. timely feedback using formative assessments improves student learning and occurs during instruction. Timely feedback, on summative assessments, is frequent enough to be meaningful to student learning.
Contact information for this Module: Erica Croghan at Sully Elementary School (571-434-4570)