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Course Description- Informed Decision Making

We all make decisions everyday, without having any knowledge about careful, planned, and responsible decisions. Most of us just make snap decisions, or we make no choice at all- leaving our future consequences either to our fate or our wishful thinking. This course, is targeted for all individuals young or old, is a walk through journey of responsible/wise decision making in our life. Following are the major steps to make informed decisions/ choices:

1. Identify your choices

2. What's best for you now?

3. Consider others – Not only me

4. Consider your future – Not only now

5. Make a choice and go for it

Many of our life choices miss steps three and four, above, hence the title of this unit! It is our contention that a responsible decision is one where you consider others and your future before you decide. You don't have to do what others want or what the future will require, you just have to consider the implications of possible actions. By thinking beyond yourself and beyond the moment, you are more likely to select choices that have positive social and future benefits. This would be good.