This course is a survey of modern world history. It begins with The Great Convergence when voyages of the European explorers brought together the old and new worlds. The great revolutions spawned new democracies in the United States.

Sadly, much of the modern era has been shaped by major strife between nations, the era of World War I and World War II as well as the War in Vietnam and “The Cold War.” Against this background, however, the great drama of the movement toward human and civil rights also unfolds.

The lives and accomplishments of great men and women are performed on the stage of world history. Students also study the impact of geography in shaping world history and events.

While this course helps ensure that all students are well versed in the Virginia Standards of Learning, the course goes beyond the norm for tenth grade. Students will be expected to write essays and research papers. Students will be expected to learn debate techniques and to engage in various forms of discourse. Students may have numerous reading assignments.